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We've all had nights when we can't sleep. Even after a long day, you get in bed just to lie awake for several hours. But Rebecca Robbins, PhD, associate scientist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, says that staying in bed when you can't sleep is the worst thing you can do for your sleep cycle.

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How To Beat Sleep Apnea? Cut It Out (Surgically) : NPR Chronic Pain, Sleep Apnoea, Cure For Sleep Apnea, Sleep Apnea Remedies, Sleep Apnea Treatment, Sleep Apnea, Snoring Solutions, Home Remedies For Snoring, How To Stop Snoring

Sleep apnea is a chronic and common sleep disorder that makes it hard to breathe while sleeping. When all else fails, doctors are turning to a surgery currently used to remove cancerous tumors at the back of the throat. It relies on robots to do the delicate task of removing tissue in the throat.

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