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A couple of weeks ago, along with the recently launched Urban Sketchers London and the regular Meetup group ‘Drawing London on Location‘, I organized a sketchcrawl around the Temple and Fleet Street areas of London. I am a guest correspondent on USk London, and was back visiting for a couple of weeks, so I […]

Mary Pickard
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I managed to do very little urban sketching during my recent trip to France, it was more of a rural sketching holiday: hiking a part of the way of St. James. After a week spent in the remote countryside, even smalltown Castres seemed big, loud and très urban. If you´re interested, you can find […]

Alessia Kharkunova
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In late May, Patti and I had the opportunity to travel with the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Education Center on a cultural exchange to Cuba. The theme, fitting for the museum, was “Hemingway’s Cuba,” and the tour focused on the writer’s life from 1939 to 1960, when he made Cuba home to his life and work. […]

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Quaint tiny villages explored and drawn by this urban sketcher. Talent has to be one of your main goals when you are an artist. There are other qualities that a very close second: having a style you are comfortable with and a good choice of subject matter. As you can see from the drawings in this post, Asmik Babaian possesses all three of those traits. Many buildings I would love to live in and I would jump at the opportunity to visit all of them. I would sit and enjoy the cafes and the…

Pauline Robinson

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