Varangian guard

Uncover the legendary Varangian Guard, elite warriors of the Byzantine Empire. Learn about their history, weapons, and tactics, and be inspired by their fearless bravery.
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VENDEL PERIOD SCANDINAVIAN ELITE WARRIOR (6th - 8th centuries CE). In Scandinavian archaeology, the Vendel Period appears between the collapse of the Western Roman Empire (which corresponds to the Germanic Iron Age in northern Europe) and the beginning of the Viking Age. The Vendel Period is part of the Migration Period (4th - 8th centuries) which is the period of the barbarian invasions that contributed to the fall of Rome, although “barbarian” migrations involved all of Europe, North…

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Back to the list of units The Varangian Guards Units are special to the Byzantines. Unlocked by the Heavy Infantry technology in the Medieval Era. Melee Close-combat Unit. Honor Code Prevents its Army from retreating. Upgrade cost 400 and needs 2Iron access on Empire. Swordsmen (generic) Gaesati (Celts) Praetorian Guards (Romans)

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