Vegan kimchi recipe

Discover the ultimate vegan kimchi recipe that will add a burst of flavor to your meals. Learn how to make this traditional Korean dish at home and enjoy the health benefits of fermented vegetables.
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This Easy Vegan Kimchi is packed full of flavour and also of course, good gut bacteria from the fermentation process. It's my favourite korean banchan (side dish) along with some beansprout salad!This easy vegan kimchi is inspired by mat kimchi 맛김치, that's usually made by pre-cutting the cabbage first before turning it into kimchi to ferment. Mat kimchi can also be eaten fresh.

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Homemade kimchi is easy on the wallet and it’s child’s play to make. If you’re unsure how to get started, then check out this beginner’s guide to making kimchi. We’ll show you how to make the best Korean pickles using everyday ingredients and no fancy equipment. Table of ContentsBasic Kimchi RecipeTemperature guidelines for fermenting kimchiTroubleshooting...Read More

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Kimchi or more specifically, napa cabbage kimchi, is one of the most popular banchan that's spicy, tangy, and funky. Our kimchi recipe is traditional and authentic, made with quartered napa cabbage, which means the process is a bit more labor intensive. However, this allows for longer storage and longer fermentation compared to geotjeori (fresh kimchi), which is meant to be enjoyed within a short time. You can also try our quick cucumber kimchi for a cucumber alternative that takes only 20…

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