Ventriloquist dummy

Explore a collection of creepy and captivating ventriloquist dummy ideas to add a touch of mystery to your performances. Find the perfect dummy that will leave your audience in awe.
For the Satanist who has everything: An Anton LaVey ventriloquist dummy | Dangerous Minds Dummy Doll, Anton Lavey, Ventriloquist Doll, Ventriloquist Dummy, Eye Movement, Dangerous Minds, Scary Clowns, The Exorcist, Creepy Dolls

Anton LaVey ventriloquist dummy In the eBay listing for this spendy Anton LaVey ventriloquist dummy, the seller, “haunt-master” makes the creepy claim that the dummy’s eyes have the ability to “move on their own” as if they were “haunted.” Because, of course they can. In addition to the eye movement (as if this thing isn’t off-putting enough) the Satanic dummy can also crack a smile thanks to a pull string in the back of his head. Each Anton LaVey ventriloquist dummy is made-to-order, stands…