Vintage design furniture

Discover the charm of vintage design furniture and add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor. Explore our top ideas to find timeless pieces that will elevate your interior style.
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Why is it important to consider classic design styles of the past in order to create timeless interiors of today? Well, for starters, timeless interiors do not rely exclusively on currentdesign trends. Design history has proven time and again that restricting your room design to what is ‘current’ or ‘trendy’ will date your space. Check out some examples:THE SEVENTIESThe ‘70’s is commonly referred to as the “decade style forgot”! Think shag pile carpet, macrame wall hangings. lacquered and me

Marcelo Rocha
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Strong accent colors, numerous vintage pieces by Artek and the best of 1970s architecture – these are what make up the interior of Anni and Daniel’s home in Turku, Finland. Join Design Stories on a tour of this bright home in a terraced house!