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Discover creative and eye-catching display ideas for your vintage store. Enhance your store's charm and attract more customers with these unique vintage display ideas.
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Visual merchandising or VM as it's known in the biz. So crucial for your store's success. You need to make sure your VM is on point and besides having the right product mix and best customer service going around it is one way to increase sales immediately. I have listed the 5 top tips here

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Hi Friends, I thought I'd share a quick post with some Spring-y inspiration from my latest trip to my favorite vintage market in town, The Vintage Peddler. I've taken you there before, so I'll also share a few pics from my last year's spring visit, too. These were with my phone (old) and no natural light, but you can see some of the amazing vintage displays. Love that old wheelbarrow... These first two were taken at my dear friends booth, Sara and Abbey from Sweet Magnolias Farm. I always…

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I love styling my recent antique, vintage and thrifted finds into my home where my style is a timeless mix of new and old. Each month my #thriftingwiththegals friends and read the post → about Recent Antique, Vintage & Thrifted Finds

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