Vinyl room ideas

Transform your room with these creative vinyl ideas. Find inspiration for unique and stylish decor that will make your space stand out.
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At Twelve Inch, we’ve reimagined the vinyl record display. Our frameless design, featuring no visible support, allows you to easily decorate your living spaces with your vinyl records. Elevate your home decor by embracing the beauty of decorating with vinyl records, and turn your space into a captivating art gallery.

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Shop our range of vinyl record display and vinyl storage, console gaming accessories and comic book display solutions, including now playing, record shelves, alphabet dividers, record dividers, vinyl dividers, genre dividers, now spinning, record shelf. Available for delivery by No Time Like The Gift across the UK and worldwide.

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Vinyl records are sensitive. They can easily get scratched and if dust gets into the grooves or the stylus, your albums will skip too much for an enjoyable session. These records are also expensive and hard to find, especially if you’re looking for a specific artist or soundtrack. So when you’re investing in a vinyl

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