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Unleash your strategic prowess with these epic Warhammer Empire ideas. Prepare your army for the ultimate battle and conquer the realms with the might of the Empire.
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"Where march you, men of Riekland, where carry you halberd and sword... We march to war for our Emperor, and Sigmar our savior and lord... Tomorrow we go to war, to face the hordes of Chaos... Tomorrow we will be buried, in cold graves that await us... And when the fighting is done, and the sun goes down at night... Hear my prayers, save my soul, and take me to Sigmar's Light..." —Old soldier's song from Reikland[4a] The State Troops[2a][3a][4a], also called State Regiments[1a], are the…

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Just a quick post tonight, covering two things, both Heroes Of Armageddon related. 1) Above you can see the "test paint" model for the Steel Legion Infantry my build team will be producing. Here's a quick rundown of the paints I used for each section: Tunic • Basecoat: Tau Sept Ochre • Wash: Devlan Mud • Highlight: Tau Sept Ochre • Highlight: TSO/Bleached Bone mix (60:40) • Highlight: TSO/BB mix (30:70) Boots, gloves, webbing • Basecoat: Scorched Brown • Highlight: SB/Bleached Bone mix…

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Just as the Empire is a highly diverse nation, so too are the many regiments that compose its military. But from the best equipped units in Altdorf to the poorest backwater Free Company Militia, every regiment has some sort of uniform.[1a] Every Imperial Electoral Province and city-state has state colours. But different units adhere to these to various degrees. Some regiments are clad entirely in state colours; some only use them as an accent on a sleeve, plume, or hat; and still others have…

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The Deathjacks are renowed archers who can track a foe at speed through any forest. First recorded on the Wurtbad roll of honor in the year 2004, the Deathjacks were hired to scout ahead of the main Stirland army during the civil war between the Three Emperors. The Deathjacks have continued to be of service to the Empire, ambushing opposing scouts and finding hidden paths from which to take the foe unaware.[1a] Used to fending for themselves, the Deathjacks have been dubbed the…

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We don’t have the palaces of Altdorf, the arrogance of Middenheim, or the perfumed fops of Nuln, but we’ve got our pride. From the roughest flophouse on the Ormsdeep shore to the top of Castle Salzenmund, we’re a city of fighters. And we say what we mean.Sergeant Astrid Hildbein, Jarlstor Guard[2a] Salzenmund, the capital city of the Imperial Electoral Province of Nordland and a principality of the Empire in its own right, rests among hills from which flow the tributaries that join to form…

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