Waste segregation

Learn how to properly segregate waste to promote a clean and sustainable environment. Explore top waste segregation methods and start making a positive impact today.
Waste Disposal is a usual part of our daily routines. As the world continues to advance, plastics and other materials were created for convenience. However, it is unavoidable for the citizens to properly manage their wastes that comes mostly from our homes. Through this, waste segregation are not just encourage to achieve an effective waste management. But, it is also strictly implemented as most countries have laws that could charge fine and imprisonment for those who would violate it.  In the Brochures, Recycling, Proper Waste Disposal Poster, Waste Management System, Waste Segregation, Electronic Waste Recycling, Waste Disposal, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Reduce Reuse Recycle Poster

This campaign puts emphasis in the Importance of Proper Waste Segregation. It describes five (5) ways to help their community organize their garbage. Particularly, the utilization of 3Rs (Reduce; Reuse; Recycle) and usage of compost pits which are one of the few methods to manage our wastes properly.

Divina Jane Bravo