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There's no better feeling in the world than making somebody laugh. Well, other than making somebody laugh and forcing them to wonder whether what they’re seeing is, in fact, real. Genius prankster Jeff Wysaski, founder of the hilarious Obvious Plant project, is at it again. He hid even more amazing fake toys and other products among real ones, and it should be positively criminal how great they are.

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Unless you want a distraught child, double-check the packaging of your next purchase in case you accidentally snag a one-off toy by Jeff Wysaski, aka Obvious Plant. For years, he’s been littering supermarket and drugstore shelves with his action figures and small games that cleverly comment on capitalism and the harsh realities we all experience, from a birthday for one—it “includes one party blower because that is all you will need”—to a “childless couple” riding matching jet skis. More

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Bizarre. Mind-boggling. Witty. And beyond hilarious. These are just a few ways to describe ‘Obvious Plant,’ the brainchild of comedy-lover and prankster Jeff Wysaski. The idea behind the project is very simple: Jeff creates some really weird products that are clearly fake and plants them in various places like shops and bookstores.

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