William zabka

Explore the fascinating journey and successful career of William Zabka, known for his iconic roles in film and television. Discover his early life, achievements, and the impact he has made in the entertainment industry.
Karate, People, Guys, Gorgeous Men, Dude, Kai, Fotos

"You know it really bugs me that you joined Cobra Kai. It also bugs me that you're fucking hot," Johnny muttered the last part to himself. I still heard it. "You know you're pretty hot too, if you weren't such a dick I would've actually agreed to your offer yesterday," I replied, biting my lip. "God you make me mad," Johnny sighed, "I'm having a party tonight, show up if you're not a pussy." I smiled at him, "Sure." Other Books ~ Summer of 83, 1 0 0 miles per hour #1 - Lawrence #1 - Spice #1…

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