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Elevate your wine experience with these creative packaging design ideas. Find inspiration to make your wine bottles stand out and leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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We've designed a label that captures the essence of Dão and the vision of winemaker Elisa Lobo. A Journey of discovery and respect for terroir.​​​​​​ We present the figure of Elisa Lobo, a winemaker who shares her passion for terroir and respect for the land. She invites everyone to embark on a journey of discovery, just…

Grace Young
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While I understand Gen Z’s motivation around cutting out alcohol, I also understand that, particularly during COVID, many Americans turned to their bar cart to quiet their minds and liven up their stay-at-home routine (and probably only added to Gen Z wanting to kick booze to the curb). In fact, according to the Columbia Mailman […]

Hattie Clark
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I’ve already admitted countless times here— I’m no wine expert by any means, but I know a cool label when I see one, and that influences my picks nine times out of ten. Pavement’s work for Coterra Wines makes those kinds of moments easy with their striking black and white label, full of trippy, naturalistic […]

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Taifa is named from the small principalities and kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula created during the Moorish period. In the background, we see a subtle and elegant relief, which honors the exceptional quality and unique terroir that produced it. The golden colors and details take us to the Alentejo region, reflecting the landscape palette and…