Winter cleaning

Get your home ready for the winter season with these ultimate cleaning tips. Create a fresh and cozy environment by decluttering, organizing, and deep cleaning your space.
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Why you should prepare your home for winter: Earlier this summer, we were unfortunate enough to discover how important it is to properly winterize our home. While enjoying warmer temperatures, we had our outside spigot on for a good hour or so. The water pressure wasn't what it should be. We thought, that's odd? We checked things out in the basement where the pipes are and were met with incredible disappointment: our laundry room flooded! Apparently my husband left the garden hose on a…

Becky M
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I did a refresh challenge last January with the inspiration of House Homemade and it was awesome! Every week you power through some really annoying tasks and then suddenly February hits and it's all done. Until the second week of February when suddenly everything seems to be a mess again- BUT in all seriousness, it's a great way to take that "new year, new you" motivation and get something truly tangible- less junk, less mess. Every house is different- you may have an apartment with no…

Kayla Lynn