Wives tales gender prediction board

Discover fun and creative ideas for a Wives Tales Gender Prediction Board. Predict the gender of your baby with these exciting and entertaining activities. Try them out and have a blast with your friends and family!
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Have an idea if you're having a baby boy or girl with this Baby Gender Prediction post from Mom Nessly. We'll dive into symptoms, myths, tools and more! Pregnancy is a woman's life phase that's full of mysteries and the unknown especially if its your first time. With these come the 3 most curious questions

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Most wives tales are dismissed as myths, but I still think it's fun to take the gender quizzes! Here are my favorite wives tales: My result from this wives tale quiz is GIRL! Actually all my answers, besides the way I'm carrying (too early to tell), indicate girl. I guess I'll find out soon enough at… Read More Old wives tales baby gender predictor

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