Wooden canes

Discover a collection of unique and stylish wooden canes that are perfect for all occasions. Find the perfect walking cane to add elegance and functionality to your everyday life.
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Woodcarving is one of the oldest art forms, but we continue to lose woodcarvers each decade. For those who still appreciate the craft, visit the JgS Heirloom Carvings webpage and be assured the art of carving walking canes, walking sticks and staffs is alive and well in Texas!

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Today, antique canes serve as a direct reflection of earlier societies, each piece just as stunning as the last. Beginning as a tool for both travelers and shepherds, these accessories would soon take the world by storm. Canes and walking sticks didn’t just gain popularity for the sole purpose of providing extra stability, they also served as a decorative piece for both noblemen and elitists alike. In most societies, a walking stick or cane was a visual status symbol. The more ornate and…

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