Wreck It Ralph

Dive into the exciting world of Wreck It Ralph and get to know its beloved characters. Discover the adventures of Ralph and his friends and embark on a thrilling journey through the gaming universe.
The Sugar Rush Citizens are anthropomorphic candy people who live in the game, Sugar Rush. They... Wreck It Ralph Halloween Costume, Wreck It Ralph Halloween, Interesting Names, Candy People, Movie Character Costumes, Disney Pixar Characters, Cartoon Costumes, Worst Names, Wreck It Ralph

The Sugar Rush Citizens are anthropomorphic candy people who live in the game Sugar Rush. They comprise many different kinds of candy, each of whom cheers for a specific racer. The grand stands are giant candy boxes with specific candy citizens in them cheering for the racers. Here is the list: Vanellope Von Schweetz (formerly King Candy) - Popcorn Taffyta Muttonfudge - Heart Lollipops Candlehead - Salt Water Taffy Rancis Fluggerbutter - Peanut Butter Cups Snowanna Rainbeau - Gumballs Minty…

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