Young severus snape

Uncover the untold story of young Severus Snape and his journey through Hogwarts. Explore his complex character and the events that shaped him into the enigmatic professor he became.
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Temporary | Severus Snape [Complete] - You're Not Alone

Maddie Rivers has been going to Hogwarts for a while, and when she enters her sixth year she crosses paths with a boy named Severus Snape; he's also in his sixth year. They're both Slytherins, but haven't really talked until she saves him from James Potter. She attempts to become his friend, because she too is a loner and would love to have someone to talk to. What happens when Lucius Malfoy, a seventh year, tries to pull Severus into the shadow on Lord Voldemort? Will he succeeded in…

Zaaina Mahvish "JuJu"