Zombie apocalypse location

Discover the top zombie apocalypse locations where you can increase your chances of survival. Explore these strategic places to find shelter, resources, and allies to survive the zombie apocalypse.
Redshift Benchmark scene competition entry: The Tunnel, Michal Gradziel on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rOa36 Scene, Inspirasi, Fotos, Dao, Apocalypse Aesthetic, Apocalyptic, Futuristic, Apocalypse, Conceptual

My entry into Redshift's benchmark scene competition. There was no main topic, but insted there were a bunch of technical restrictions (maximum 128mb of textures for example) and a heavy focus on optimising scenes render time. This one clocked at around 14 min on GTX 780Ti + GTX 580 in 1080p with 13 GI bounces. Winners will have their scenes featured in a free GPU benchmarking tool

Peyton Varney

Some find the abandoned places creepy, while others consider them exciting and they are even eager to explore them. Since not everyone has the opportunity as well as the necessary skills to go on an adventure themselves and travel to these eerie destinations, other explorers make sure they capture their discoveries and share them with a wider audience on their social media. We all agree these places are not for everyone to visit, but we must admit that the photographs showcasing these unique…

Melkorka Reynisdóttir