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Sofa Chair Arm Rest TV Tray Table Stand with Side Storage Slot for Tablet Magazine. Love it. Another DIY idea maybe?...

Awesome Braai area! I am from South Africa! Can't have a dream house with out a dream Braai area!

Beautiful outdoor Kitchen

Dollhouse Miniature Garden, Pond, Dollhouse Garden Pond. Fairy Garden Koi Pond with Flowers, Miniature Garden Pond.

How cool is the bottom suspended seating area!? I LOVE this place! Reminds me of all the tree houses I built as a kid with my brother!

Domus project 103: Wooden staircase (from a fan) by Wernerio on DeviantArt

happy lady decorates: Miniature Architectural Stair Model

The Ol'Rowdy's Inn by on @deviantART