Igor Freeke

Igor Freeke

C O N T A C T: igor (apestaartje/at-sign) freeke.net
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Cool Light Ideas | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Cool Light Ideas | DIY & Crafts Tutorials

Bed Rail Connection System

A blind tenon joint with wedges "Jigokuhozo" (地獄ほぞ) Japanese traditional wood joint technics "Tsugi-te / Shiguchi" (継手/仕口 - straight joint / angled joint)

Site with the hardware to make all of these cool sliding barn doors.

Architect Francesco Librizzi built the staircase for the Casa G project as a means to slow the ascent, to create stations that infused the interior with life. Courtesy of Francesco Librizzi Studio.

Patch Project by Beza Projekt

New York's first micro-apartment building to be completed in December

Angular roof helps Mount Fuji house by Hiroki Tominaga Atelier shed snow

Give a set of these clamp-on legs to someone who loves making things, or use a set to make a personalized piece of furniture as a gift. $179 per 16" set (available in 5 colors) works with material up to 2" thick. #holidaygifts #homedecor #maker