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the interior of an old building with people standing around
Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, 1852 Art Print by Gaspard Fossati
a large obelisk in the middle of a park with people standing around it
Hippodrome Obelisks, Istanbul
an obelisk with writing on it in the middle of a park at sunset
Pictures of Istanbul, Turkey - Stock Photos | Paul E Wiliams Photographer Photography Library
the inside of an old building with graffiti on it's walls and arches,
Hagia Sophia of Trabzon (Ayasofya) : North East Turkey
an ornate painting on the ceiling of a church
Kariye Museum (Church of Holy Savior in Chora), Istanbul, Turkey
an old couch sitting in the middle of a stone building with other ruins behind it
Malefica Mi Mundo
a fountain in front of a large building with people walking around and onlookers
Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul
a red couch sitting in front of two windows
Sultanahmet - The Best of the Rest - Have Blog Will Travel
Leather, Red Leather, Leather Jacket, Red Leather Jacket
Критическая ситуация в Турции, связанная с заболеваемостью
an aerial view of a large city next to the ocean with clouds in the sky
Пролив Золотой Рог в Стамбуле
a city with lots of houses on top of a hill next to the water and boats in front of it
Турецкий город Айвалык для туристов