Travel on the underwater train in Venice

Underwater Train Route, Denmark or Venice. Nooo - it does not exist in Denmark or anywhere!


Street cars here are free: "There's technically a fair but in typical italian fashion - not unlike speed limits - everyone considers it a mild suggestion"


Book your short term accommodation in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The list of apartments, rooms and private rentals where you can stay while in Amsterdam.

Amazing hotel! Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam

Amazing Stack House Architecture WAM Architecten from The Netherlands designed the outstanding Inntel Hotel in Amsterdam-Zaandam.

The Crooked House, Windsor

The Crooked House of Windsor - The Oldest Teahouse in England - This is wonderful, isn't it? It is a free-standing building too. (Content in a Cottage) I grew up in a crooked house in Windsor, CA!

April 1906, Amsterdam, The Netherlands #greetingsfromnl

Delft, The Netherlands, April 1906 by Edward Linley Sambourne. Love how the scenery of Holland hasn't changed much! Would be fun to recreate this photo :)