Xmas Deco Make small ones to add to little xmas trees. Red and white for lounge tree and blue and silver for dining room Maybe do whole shown display on patio DIY ~~ making string ornaments.

Vriesbestendig. Leuk voor buiten!

Like this idea for a winter window display. just add spring bulbs to the moss boots!

Vuurkorf gemaakt van een wasmachine trommel. Ideaal om met de kids marshmallows op te bakken en veilig voor spattend hout! Super origineel!

A washing machine drum and fire pit! If flowerpot can too, but I find this much more enjoyable.

Outdoor Winter Party..I have a couple crates...Never thought of doing this!  lol

Host an Outdoor Winter Party


Would be great for outdoor wedding reception! For an outdoor party we are loving twinkle lights and candles. Everyone looks great in soft light.

would be awesome with a Texas cutout

DIY PROJECT:COFFEE CAN LANTERNS - Instead of setting them up with clamps and wood and stuff I have seen the same thing done where you just fill the can with water and freeze. Which means you then have a good sturdy surface to hammer the designs into.

O zo winterproof: het schapenvachtje in huis

O zo winterproof: het schapenvachtje in huis

A majestic space, flickering candlelight, delicately encrusted gowns, a palette of peaceful silvers and whites.a mood of ethereal Winter enchantment