Ingolf Kruseman
Ingolf Kruseman
Ingolf Kruseman

Ingolf Kruseman

Holistic architect and green building Designer. Ecological and people friendly.

Meer ideeën van Ingolf

Metropol Parasol in Seville, the World’s Largest Wooden Structure

Metropol Parasol in Seville, the world's largest wooden structure; a combination of urban space and functional spaces that include an archaeological museum and restaurants.

peaceful -\Summer Forest, Bulgaria

Vitaness Healing and Holistic Healthcare Center in the Netherlands. This project will be build to heal our selfes as human beings and taking care for eachother and our green planet.

Vitaness Earth Buildings for healing and body healing spaces

bos arround Vitaness

Shade garden pond, edged with ferns, hostas and mosses. Love water features and have 5 ponds throughout my gardens.

Peaceful patio in the forest ... interesting how they brought the fire pit closer to the home but still distant

First Impression of the site. In the mean wile we are looking for an other construction site in Drenthe to build this beautiful center. Come and work with us. To the side of the project we are creating a ecovillage.

animatie Vitaness

Vitaness Wellness Building. To be build for a better future and healthy live for everybody