First Look: OMAMImini SS15 - Petit & Small

First Look: OMAMImini SS15

Elephant backpack by COMPANY.

Baby Elephant Bag Design: COMPANY / Aamu Song & Johan Olin Manufactured in Wakken, Belgium. Sewing work made in Tunisia.

Geometric monochrome bedding #kidsdecor #kidsbedding

Printed with non-toxic paint. Custom geometric shapes are hand printed and are intentionally left imperfect for organic look.

Nendo has designed a transparent plastic rocking horse based on I-beams used in building construction

Nendo designs transparent rocking horse for Kartell

Japanese studio Nendo has designed a plastic rocking horse based on H beams used in building construction

NUNUNU Kid's geometry legging.

I love their leggings so much more then their harem (baggy) pants. Though both are extremely comfy!