DIY: Indian tipi for kids - Tipi indio para niños

DIY: Indian tipi for kids - Tipi indio para niños - Tipi pour enfants

Wood Lego Man

Thibaut Malet

How cool is this ! :-) A wooden art toy of the LEGO-figure made by Thibaut Malet, who has only made 20 copies!

50 Earth Day Activities for kids - April 22

50 Earth Day Activities for Kids

50 fun, simple, kid-friendly Earth Day Activities that use natural materials and recycled materials, and celebrate the great outdoors.

carrot headband for Earth Day (wear&eat)

Try this DIY: King of carrots! Make a carrot crown with your little boy, just in…

A Teepee Made from Branches and White Muslin

A High Concept Store in Amsterdam

Kids can create an imaginative world all their own inside this special play place made just for them. Designed after a traditional Native American teepee, it makes a terrific tent for sleepovers.

DIY Make a Little Drifter

Little Drifters

has kicked off a fun tiny boat-building contest that will keep your kids busy while you're camping (or hanging out anywhere in nature .

Draped Swim Suit from Mini Rodini

Draped Swim Suit from Mini Rodini *see that's the type of swimsuit a little girl should wear*

A leaf troll? I LOVE this little guy!

Kastanjemand (Badut)

Autumn Nature Craft for Kids;A Toilet "rock and rolling" roll Leaf Troll Marionet?

AprilandMay MINI: Ele Villa dollhouse

// Elle Villa Dollhouse by Rock & Pebble Grand and elegant, a wildly unusual 8 room villa with underbelly parking. This elephant dollhouse is a beautiful addition to your sweet's room.