white flowers

white flowers Sewing needle, white thread, sew through fake white flowers, stretch them out, time them around chairs.

Cécile Daladier www.ceciledaladier.com

A lovely photo with perfect light of Cécile Daladier vases Before Cécile Daladier made ​​ceramic vases, their works have always been based nature. In large glass and rusty iron sculptures made ​​them collect water and put the sculptures in nature.

Abstract Teapot by Antaratma Images

Kettle Rate this from 1 to Kettle 10 Modern Tea Kettles & Teapots Solid Copper Tea Kettle with Brass Handle Vintage Enamelware White Tea

Stills - www.styledbyme.nl concept, styling &photography by Marlies Janse

Stills - www.nl concept, styling &photography by Marlies Janse

Tear Sheets | Helen Quinn

Blue inspiration, wedding colors, a little something blue, dyed feathers


plaid-flannel: “grayskymorning: “ Today’s Letters // Raw Honey ” I wanna own bees and make hone so bad!