Leuk als schrijfopdracht

ART: Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson Well damn. There’s Photoshop experts and then there’s this guy. Swedish photographer Erik Johansson creates realistic photos of impossible.

Birthday Party Hacks

Get creative with your cookie cutter creations, use letters to spell your guests' names out of melon or watermelon to use as drink markers and place holders. (food for parties ideas)

Paper Plate & Spinner Literacy Games. This makes learning letters extra fun for preschool and kindergarten.

Paper Plate & Spinner Literacy Games

Jenny gaat op de grond liggen om door het piepkleine deurtje te kijken. En ze kon niet geloven wat ze daar zag.....

Story Starter: Jenny bent down to look through the tiny door at the back of the room. What happens next?

Geef voor deze foto eens een passende verklaring.

The world-famous "Headington Shark" art installation, Why wouldn't you put a shark through your roof? Can be gawked at from 2 New High Street, Headington, Oxford, England.


Alphabet Museum

Alphabet museum: Inspired by Montessori alphabet boxes. Imagine the buzz when your students come into the classroomroom and discover a new item in the museum, or two items that have switched places overnight . excitement in learning!

Wat is hier gebeurt? Vertel het verhaal vanuit het perspectief van de hond of van een voorbijganger.

Viewing - Writing Prompt: Tell the story either from the dog's or an observer's point of view about the incident that led to this crash. Be sure to include a complete setting, precise verbs and dialog in your story.