Great, simple, accessible idea for painting and drawing that anyone can do. Could be done with grandchildren fingerprints!

Snijd een isolatiebuis of pool noodle op maat van een bakje en zorg voor extra inkervingen. Op deze manier hou je het netjes wanneer je verf of lijm gebruikt in de klas.

Tips and Tools: Wax Brush Holders

Tired of crusty, dried wax on the tips of your brushes? Try these simple DIY brush holder solutions to keep your brushes suspended in water so they don’t d

Dixie Cup Windmill Craft - A cute & easy craft for kids with

Dixie Cup Windmills

Paper Cup Windmill Craft - A cute & easy craft for kids with spinning windmill blades - Dixie cup craft

Kandinsky snail art.

Cute snail activity with concentric circles. Could also be done with felting the concentric circles and adding to the snail body.

I would really like to try this. Like you really lightly sketch out something put horizontal lines in it then surround with verticals. Awesome!

Je ziet een mannetje die horizontale lijnen heeft stappen uit de verticale lijnen This piece shows a progressive rhythm because the horizontal lines cause the viewers eyes to see the shape of a man surrounded by vertical lines.

When there is too much paint to throw away! I HATE to waste paint!

Watercolor Postcards with mandalas drawn with white marker and black ink. From Michelle Remy (Lost Coast Post).

De kinderen kunnen rietjes eruit halen waardoor de ballentjes eruit vallen en zo weinig mogelijk mogen hebben. fijne motoriek wordt gestimuleerd.

Do it Yourself Outdoor Party Games {The BEST Backyard Entertainment DIY Projects}

Teds Woodworking - DIY Projects - Outdoor Games - DIY Giant Backyard KerPlunk Game Tutorial - fun for barbecues - cookouts - backyard birthday parties DIY Tutorial via allParenting - Projects You Can Start Building Today

We love these colored paper collage sculptures for a crazy-easy way to explore color and working with paper 3-dimensionally.

Cool Colored Paper Collage Sculptures

Marionetten poppen maken van recycle materiaal. ipv waxinelichtdingetjes…

53 Tin Can Crafts

tin can marionettes Adventures at Home: How to make a Tin Man (and a Tin Lady and a Tin Baby)

leuke dieren met garen

Animales con hilo - Cute animals with yarn - Leuke dieren met garen

Pinsel oder Stiftehalter

Make-up/Paint brush drying rack idea. No instructions, but the idea seems fairly self explanatory.

Schilderen met waterverf, lijm en zout

Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. Kids will love being creative and making designs with the glue. The salt creates a pretty starburst effect by soaking up paint pigments as the painting dries. And as an extra bonus: the salt sparkles!

ruimtewezentjes knutselen uit klei en dik touw

ruimtewezentjes knutselen uit klei en dik touw

Mondriaan voor bewerking

Piet Mondrian coloring pages. These Piet Mondrian pictures are online coloring pages that can be colored with color gradients and patterns. Printable coloring pages are also included if you prefer to color with paper and crayons.