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Since there's no room in thw house I could build something like this in the garage

White Bedroom with light wood accents and muted pink tones

Lamps or chandeliers suspended in a more or less organized way using hooks strategically placed in the ceiling. Some of these lamps are des… -- Ctto. Ideal for sharing a room with a sibling~

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Een gaaspaneel als pronkrek/wandpaneel. Je leest het op

Inspiration only Wire grid wall. Place above a desk in a small office. Clip on notes, mementos, etc. using metal clips.

Nu de lente begonnen is en de zon wat meer is gaan schijnen, is het tijd om h...

Color crush: okergeel met lichtgrijs

cool light on the side of the bed. I love the idea of a floating light Jaune moutarde n'est pas jaune curry

Decoration tips for your bedroom or the attic. This is a perfect Scandinavian interior for it! Decoration tips find you here.

Pinspiration: 12 tips voor een Scandinavisch interieur

Incredible hanging bed idea in an all white bedroom with lots of cozy blankets and pillows. Love the color scheme of the bedroom and the look of the bed.

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details DIY pipe - closet rod & shelf (or for entry way or laundry room clotger hanger rack) tutorial how to build/ make

Lights are obviously used in many different every day activities. For example, this bedside lamp has a completely different function than the holiday lights that remind me of the holidays. This lamp may be used for dim lighting before bed, and it may remind someone of relaxation, serenity, or bedtime. The same object can have two completely different uses and can be associated with different elements and feelings.

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