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As a writer and editor of both fiction and nonfiction (and as a widow who has networked with thousands of other bereaved individuals) I cheered -- and jeered -- over one trade article's treatment o...

Grief is personal. Grief is hard. Grief takes time. Find out how taking charge of your grief can help the grieving process.

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Smudginess of charcoal near-perfectly captures the fading, washed out mascara. Additionally, the simple addition of lines help give form to the face of a woman using positive/negative space.

Fighting in front of the children. Fighting, that is yelling or becoming physical, in front of your children is a type of child abuse. It has been proven to be incredibly emotionally damaging to kids. Arguments are a natural part of all relationships, but fights should never happen in front of...

Protecting kids from "toxic stress"--more about the effects of a stressful/traumatic childhood on later life

Here’s Why Uncertainty Makes You So Miserable

Knowing an electric shock is coming is less stressful than being uncertain about it, a new study shows.


Ukrainian artist Anna Bu Kliewer grew up in Germany and is a mixed media artist working in both analogue and digital collage. At Anna began travelling the world, living in seven countries, incl