geometrische vorm -platte meetkinduge vorm -kun je tekenen met liniaal -bv. cirkel, vierkant, diehoek

Triangles , Geometric Triangles Wall Art Decals Sticker Home Decor for Housewares Vinyl Wall Decal - Geometric Triangles

bathroom Kelley and John

Very masculine style bathroom with interesting storage. A very clean, spacious, and uncluttered feel.

Make my own City in Bed. NY washi tape design

The Snug Is Now a Part of

zwart wit kinderkamer, zwart wit wereldkaart_

Black and white kid's room with good storage. A raised bed gives a sense of adventure at bed time.

washi tape frames for your wall, your wardrove doors... or for your mirrors!

One of our most inspiring images; black washi tape frames in Elle Decoration using matte black tape from Papermash;