I mean, where else will you have time to check out a gallery wall?

Gallery wall of vintage photos in a bathroom. What if we did funny black and white photos and hung them up with signs, landscapes, and us?


French Savon de Marseille Soap - In 1688 it became law that only soaps made according to strict, ancient methods could bear the famous mark “Savon de Marseille.” Few savonneries near Marseille still make this soap today.

Joburg farm style grey tiles in the bathroom with some wooden accents #CPHart50shades https://www.facebook.com/barefootstyling

Warm in winter, cool in summer, architect Gillian Holl’s house at Monaghan Farm near Lanseria is sustainable, ecologically sound, and an intrinsic part of its surroundings.

Patterned Tile Trend

Patterned Tiles and white cupboard with glass//. I have the perfect spot for this cupboard in my bathroom

floor tiles

This is the home of Morten Bo Jensen (chief designer for Vipp) in a converted loft in Copenhagen. The loft used to be a pencil factory. His home is of course full of vipp-delight, like the kitchen, bathroom and the … Continue reading →

clou flush 6 toilet fontein

clou flush 6 toilet fontein

Wall tile

Original Style - Dover White Victorian Floor Tiles in York pattern with Metropolitan Lazul wall tiles by The Winchester Tile Company.