Robuuste wandplanken van oude plafondbalken met stalen dragers.

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18 Ideas of Coffee Table Decor for Trendy Interior Coffee table decor is a nice way to update any living room. Our gallery of ideas and professional tips will totally assist you in creating a cozy living room. You will also find out how to combine décor w

Soms is het lastig om leuke decoratie te vinden voor bij de tv. Moet je de mu...

5 manieren om om de tv heen te decoreren

Like the TV stand with shelf and storage for a wall-mounted TV

De mooie vergrijsd groene kleur Cassave.

Shelving painted to wall colour

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In truth, gray can definitely be cold but it can also be warm

flexa kleur early dew.

Flexa Creations House of Colors early dew and great solution for the heating tubes:

Wandbord hout interieur Definately wanna make this one #diy #doehetzelf…

Wandbord hout interieur Definately wanna make this one

Zuil staal industrieel - Firma Hout & Staal Maatmeubelen

Zuil staal industrieel

Great for displaying pottery, objets d'art or house plants.


nice combination, cyclamen and candles, found at welke.