Butterfly snacks

Cute snack bag idea for kids ~ we've made tissue paper butterflies.love the snack bag idea!

Clutter-Free Classroom: Birthday Displays

Cute Birthday chart idea using the kids pictures instead of just bulletin board cutouts. Also could have them hold the specific month in the picture.

Ik bevind mij in twee kringen... een kring waar na afloop van een kinderfeestje een uitdeelzakje...

uitdeelbekers DIY (tuutsjes)

Give the kids closed cups. Get them at a snackbar than they are not so expensive.

Recept - Driedubbele poffertjessandwich - Allerhande

Drie­dub­be­le pof­fer­tjes­sand­wich


Another definite for the preschool spring party. a crafty and healthy snack idea!