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"So You Think You Can Dance"

For the past several years I have been a regular viewer of the FOX reality dance series So You Think You Can Dance. True, I’ve never really been an active voter, but I would do my best to t…

‘The ’90s Are All That’ Needs A Drink(ing Game)

We didn't have cable tv when I was little so I always looked forward to going to my cousin's to watch NICKELODEON!

Disney #Logo this is just so original and it never changes one of my favorite logos.

With the unique font of this logo, it symbolizes what Disney is, a fun and child-driven company

Fanta #logo.

Fanta is a global brand of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks created by The Coca-Cola Company. There are over 100 flavors worldwide. The drink originated in Nazi Germany under trade embargo for Coca Cola ingredients in