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GONE VIRAL: They’re calling him the smartest dog ever (don’t miss the end!)

" They're calling him the SMARTEST DOG EVER." Meet Jumpy, the amazing Cattle dog with the most amazing routine ever. Never in all my life have I seen a dog so well trained! Will your dog listen this well? Don’t miss the last 7 seconds, when …

You have to watch this it's FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. Wow lady wow

Please Move Deer Crossing Signs! Woman blames signs for encouraging deer to cross a busy highway! And petitions radio station for the signs to be moved to a less busy area! PS: She has run down several deer.

Don’t let the fact you don’t have a horse hold you back!

Totilas Freestyle Tribute - the whole stick horse performance. This will make your day, especially if you're a dressage lover. Dressage Horses Learn about www.


Do not eat coffee with knife and fork you will make a mess. We haven't seen a sign like this in Vanuatu but if we do we will be sure to share the note so others know what the sign means - Tanna Coffee team.