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More examples of what you can make with stainless steel skewers. It is easy to thread vegetables and fruit along with shreddable material onto skewers and there you have it, practically instant foraging toys.

Made with left over parts from other toys, some large vine balls, small cardboard boxes, cardboard coffee sleeves, egg cartons and wood with vegetable and fruit pieces sandwiched between.

How To Clean Rat Cages The Right Way >>

In this post we demonstrate how to clean a rat cage the right way, ensuring that the cage is thoroughly cleaned as chemical free as possible.

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Simple and Easy Ways to Accessorize a Rat Cage

Rats are very intelligent animals and thus need interesting cages and toys to keep them stimulated. Even if you do not own any tools, know how to sew, or have much time to build anything fancy, there are still many simple and easy ways to.

A closer look at the inside of the cage

Homemade Toys, Beds, Cages, and Accessories for Pet Rats

♥ Small Pets DIY ♥ Digging box! This one is super cool and connected to cage with PVC tube

Rats are highly intelligent, curious and exploratory animals. They can be trained to do incredible stunts and solve difficult puzzles. A big part of responsible pet ownership is to keep your rat en…

this would be a cute play tent for kids. and you could fold it up when not in use

Convertible 3 In 1 Fleece Tent For Small Pets - It can be used to make hanging hideouts, hammocks and swings for chinchillas.