Inventer un poème qui commence par je te souhaite...

(G) "I Wish" bulletin board. 'My school bulletin board for the month. We wrote "I Wish" poems then took pictures like we were blowing a dandelion. We cut them out and pasted them next to a dandelion that we made out of yarn and sticks. The kids loved it.

Candy stand using repurposed plastic bottles - very clever idea

Candy Stand Using Repurposed Plastic Bottles

Candy stand using repurposed plastic bottles - very clever idea.made a small plastic plate in the middle

Glazen potjes over? Maak met een lijmpistool een leuke tekst. Laat goed drogen en spuit/verf de pot vervolgens in een gezellige kleur. Dan om de rand nog wat touw binden. Ook leuk met lintjes of raffia!

have girls draw on jars with sharpie then go over the lines with hot glue and have kids paint them

Patroon tas

Handbag templates for fabric & paper creations. MOLDES cajas y sobres - - Picasa Web Albums

memobordje met houten lepel

pollepel en een blocnote- really can't read this but it looks easy with just a wooden spoon & wooden circle I guess

Wattenschijfjeshouder gemaakt van een pringel koker.

DIY this Classy Cotton Wool Disk ( make up remover) Holder from a Pringles Tube. Painted and decorated with glue on rhinestones (*^ー゚)b I have pringles can in the craft room!