Skagit Valley, WA by Douglas Dietiker. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a tourist destination in Northwest Washington State.

Dutch Wood Clogs from Holland.

My Pop-pop had wood clogs from when he lived in Holland. Contiki Travelers Wearing Dutch Wood Clogs from Holland.

Being Dutch

Last time I was in Holland, I did not see any Dutch smoke pot.only the foreigners. Nee, niet iedereen zit hier in holland aan de weed.

Dutch flag

The Dutch flag, is in its current form since There is particular reason as to why our flag is like this. It is however very likely that this flag has inspired many other counties' flag like Russia.

Nieuwe haring Hmm lekker met uitjes

Food - Dutch new herring (maatjesharing) is herring prepared in a specific Dutch way and is seen as a great seasonal delicacy.

Typical Dutch breakfast

I have this on Sunday mornings, nly it is more chocolate with rusk.I put tons of chocolate on it !