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wtfzodiacsigns: Once a Gemini starts to like you, they will be supportive and always by your side.

This is true. That's why I am having the hardest time with my situation.

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Even my closest friends I don't usually trust, there's only 3 people that I tell my secrets to

Well as a Gemini I support this statement. Trust is always earned and never automatically given

Gemini have a hard time trusting, but when they do, they will always trust. And if you mess that up then they will NEVER trust you again. so true

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This is your crazy, not mental crazy, but the kind of crazy that any man would love to love. I want to be the only man who loves you because I know I will never stop loving you. I'm sorry for being so damned mean. Please forgive me.


A Gemini is legendary for being extremely clever and having a natural ability to talk about anything and everything. They are also quick with one-liners and will remember the most obscure trivia. -- I LOVE TRIVIA.


I don't normally ascribe to the Gemini or other zodiac traits as meaning anything, but this happens to be true for me. I really have to watch myself. Words can cut deep, even when that is not the intention.