DIY Easy Felt Flower

Discover thousands of images about DIY Easy Felt Flower.Cutting is the hardest part to making this pretty little flower.A small decorative button also looks nice in the center.


Easy daisy craft that could easily be made into a garland if you made several of them.

Bloemenhandjes - Afscheid van een supermama! Gemaakt met het 1e leerjaar

Hand flowers (no instructions--- looks like you draw an outline of a hand, color it, cut it out, and tape it to a straw with paper leaves; maybe that's a green-painted wooden dowel instead of a straw)

* Bloemen van cupcake papiertjes, in een schoenendoos! Natuurlijk ook leuk op een groot gekleurd papier rand van brede repen en je hebt een schilderij!

Kunstwerk van cup cake bakvormpjes, this is just here to see the picture to get an idea how to make cupcake flowers.

Bloemetjes uit stof en met knopen

If you have the ability to make The Most Beautiful Bouquet, why would you ever make anything less? As kids' crafts for Mother's Day or a lovely flower craft, make this stunning arrangement of blossoms that will wow anyone.

papieren bloem voor juf of meester die jouw kind liet opbloeien!

These polka dots paper flowers are made from polka cupcakes and pencils. You can not only make them for your home decoration but also make them for giving gifts to your friends and family members.

madeliefjes van wc rolletjes

Paper tube daisy - Paper craft for spring - recycling craft - Daisies made from empty paper towel rolls/tubes

LEMON FRESH x3 Handmade Layered Felt Flower by MagentaGingerCrafts

LEMON FRESH x3 Handmade Layered Felt Flower Button Embellishments, Felt Applique,Aqua, Lemon & White

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Make gorgeous flowers from from drinking straws - a fun craft activity for kids!

Kijk wat ik gevonden heb op een gratis werkbeschrijving van Georgina Gies om deze bloemen te maken

French knitting is a lovely way to use up little odds of wool and the perfect portable project too. This DIY will show you a simple way of using your French knitting to make flowers!