Learn how to make a these snowflake Christmas cookies that are sure to impress your family! http://www.peartreegreetings.com/blog/2014/12/how-to-make-snowflake-christmas-cookies/

How To Make Snowflake Christmas Cookies

How To decorate Snowflake Christmas Cookies - 17 Skillfully Decorated Christmas Cookies Which Will Spread Cheer Among Your Family

Tarte pommes de terre et saumon http://www.recetteshanane.com/article-tarte-au-saumon-et-aux-pommes-de-terre-49734185.html

Tarte pommes de terre et saumon -looks delish now I need to have it translated to english

15 Interesting DIY Ideas to Serve Food for Thanksgiving Day | GleamItUp

Apple pie with roses.tgink I would bake the pie anad add the roses witha dash of cinnamon on top then serve.no baking th roses.

Croissants met zalm en kruidenkaas.

Mini salmon croissant (Croissants au saumon) with smoked salmon (or trout) and herbed goat cheese (or cream cheese).

Raspberry and ricotta cake

Raspberry & Ricotta Cake - Conventional Method

This is by far my favourite cake ever! Every time it's my birthday, I request this Thermomix Raspberry & Ricotta Cake (or actually I usually make it myself! It's so perfect on it's own. but I love it warmed up with a little ice-cream or cream too!

Deze worteltaart is zo lekker dat je hem altijd wel zou willen eten. Als ontbijt, tussendoortje, lunch, toetje… Goed nieuws, hij is gelukkig zo gezond dat je hem ook echt op ieder moment van de dag kunt eten, zonder schuldgevoel Dat is fijn. Hij is lactosevrij en vrij van geraffineerde suikers. Er word wel gebruik …

This carrot cake is so delicious that you always would want to eat it. For breakfast, snack, lunch, dessert . Good news, it's so healthy that you really can eat it any time of the day without guilt 😉

Kwarkbrood met peer. Skinny & gezond. Zeg maar dag tegen je buikje!

Kwarkbrood met peer. Skinny & gezond. Zeg maar dag tegen je buikje!