See your heart beat. and other fun science experiments

Easy science experiments human body heart heartbeat watch your pulse. Insert a toothpick into a marshmallow and watch your heartbeat.

DIY Stethoscope Tutorial at Fantastic Fun and Learning. Simple materials make for an amazing learning opportunity!

DIY Stethoscope Tutorial~Science Experiment for Kids

Community Helpers, Doctors, or Nurses - DIY Stethoscope Tutorial!~Fun for preschool science experiment and pretend play

Here is a fun activity that will build your children’s knowledge about size. When you add tongs or tweezers to the activity children will be building on their fine motor skills---- You can really do therapy anywhere with anything!!

sorting snowballs, math and fine motor Even better if the writing on the jars was small, medium & large fonts

Foaming Snow Recipe

FOAMING SNOW is unlike any other snow. This snow doesn't bubble like erupting snow. It FOAMS in a very different way that is mesmerizing and SO COOL! { It is cold, fluffy, soft, mold-able, and irresistible to touch}