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a blue candle is sitting on top of a ceramic elephant figurine with a pillar in the shape of an elephant
a white bowl and spoon sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
two ceramic vases with flowers in them on a table
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a small white rabbit sitting on top of a yellow and black butterfly figurine
a person is using blue paint to decorate a butterfly
Busy painting moth folk.. Some people are surprised to hear that I use a ‘cold finish’ technique rather than a glazed finish.. I just… | Instagram
an abstract painting with yellow and black circles on brown paper, in the shape of flowers
Walker Zanger Sonja La Fluer Tile Mosaics - modern tile design inspired by Roman
Walker Zanger Sonja La Fluer Tile ...
a ceramic cup sitting on top of a sink
New sponge holder 🧽 #handmadegifts #nzmadeproducts #nzmade #nzmaker #buyhandmadegifts #ceramics #buynzmade #pottery #nzpottery… | Instagram
a ceramic tiger figurine next to some rocks and candles on a white surface
a ceramic bear figurine with trees and stars on its back, sitting next to a fern