Pattern and color

Geometric and organic patterns and colors from fabric, wallpaper, and other sources that inspire me.
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a painting of fruit and leaves on a white background
Exotic Garden
an image of a tree with fruits and leaves on it's wallpapers
Che Fico Wallpaper
an image of fruit and leaves on a white background
a blue and white fabric with large flowers on the front, in an abstract pattern
Oyster Linens — Alex Conroy Textiles
Oyster Linens - Bright — Alex Conroy Textiles
the drawing is being made on the table
a wallpaper with pink flowers and green leaves on a dark blue background in the style of art nouveauism
pink and blue flowers on white background
two lamps are on the wall with blue stars
Spot & Star wallpaper by Molly Mahon - PatternSpy shop