Letter art for science words (C for Cell in the shape of an animal cell)

Letter Of The Week Crafts

opdrachtkaarten voor alle letters voor in de lees/schrijfhoek

Using Playdoh to form letters! Fine motor skills, sensory activity, and letter recognition all in one activity! You could also use popsicle sticks if you don't have the playdoh

Schrijfhoek: stempelen in klei in plaats van op papier

tipsvoordeklas on

Spelling Fun way to practice making words! Explore spelling with playdough. Partner students and have one read the word to the other. The student listening has to stamp the word into the playdough using single letter stamps.

patroon leggen met steentjes

Great for fine motor control! Trace the shapes with beans or small manipulatives to make designs. Could also have them glue down birdseed in patterns for Kindergarten.

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