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MILAN : New IKEA Sinnerlig collection by StudioIlse

IKEA "Sinnerlig" collection by Ilse Crawford coming August 2015 features cork and bamboo

House for Mother by Förstberg Ling

Björn Förstberg, co-founder of Malmö-based studio Förstberg Ling, was asked by his mother – a librarian and a weaver – for a small but airy home, with a studio space and a generous amount of bookshelves.

Kruk en tafel van kurk van Ilse Crawford voor #ikea | ELLE

I´ve featured Ilse Crawford and the work of her team Studio Ilse before, but the love I feel for what they do has no limits. Yesterday I was invited to a sneak peek of Studio Ilse´s product line …

A Lamp Made with the Help of a Robot

A Lamp Made with the Help of a Robot

In Aerospace lightness is of great essence, which has led to the development of lightweight fiber composites. Fiber composites can be extremely strong and lightweight by use of strong fibers accurately placed by robots. Atelier Robotiq is now using th

Beautiful black kitchen - via

Beautiful black kitchen

I was immediately in love with this home and I think it is one of the homes where the cork table by Ilse crawford from the IKEA Sinnerlig series really stands out.

Zamioculcas via @bintihomestudio

Afrikaanse sferen in huis met de Zamioculcas