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Time for another well-used spread—expense tracking! (took me so long to find that emoji that I needed it thrice haha). I use this expense tracker in conjunction with the CoinKeeper app (which I LOVE)—it might seem a bit redundant to track things in two places, but my bujo version allows me to see spending habits a bit clearer while CoinKeeper makes it all portable and digital (and fun!) How do you guys track expenses? Would love to see some other spreads!

expense tracker - I did something similar to this where I tracked all the gifts I received/things I bought for myself. It was interesting to see how much "new stuff" I got in 1 year.

Sleep Tracker for your Bullet Journal (BuJo).

Sleep Tracker for your Bullet Journal (BuJo). Sleeping is an escape, but when you have to wake up early every morning, especially when your a night owl, it sucks. This will help so much in keeping track of sleep patterns and keeping yourself happy.